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The Tailor Shop is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. During this time, we will be using our time and resources to making cloth reusable masks for hospitals, first responders, care workers, police officers, firefighters, social workers and all those providing other essential services for the State of Vermont.  

If you would like to purchase masks for personal or professional use you will find a series of options below. We will do our best to follow up on your order within 48 hours. 

If you would like to donate fabric, vacuum bags or contrite in another way to this cause please call or send us an email. 

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.

Looking forward to welcoming you again very soon in Stowe at The Tailor Shop. 

- Mike Roussell


request a mask donation

Are you a non-profit organisation or hospital looking to request a donation of cloth masks? 


shop masks for small businesses

Are you a small business providing essential services and need to purchase masks for your employees?


shop masks for personal use

Are you looking to purchase masks for your own use or for loved ones?

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